Elena Zarraluqui Abogados is a law firm specializing in family law that provides advice and legal defence on the following subjects:
Family Law


Legal separation, divorce, amendment of measures, civil nullity of marriage, enforcement of Court orders, pre/post nuptial agreements and marriage contracts, proceedings of division of property.



Drawing-up of wills, certificates of inheritance, distribution of estates, testamentary execution.



Emancipation, adoption, fosterage or care of minors, judicial authorization for the sale of a minor's property, visiting arrangements with grandparents and other relatives, parent-child relationships, maintenance allowances, international law.



Pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, international abduction of minors, exequatur/recognition of foreign Court Orders, surrogacy, petitions for alimony.

Filiation Proceedings


Actions to contest paternity, for claiming filiation and acknowledgement of filiation.

Cohabitation Couples 


Pre-cohabitation contracts, division of property proceedings, parent-child relationships proceedings.



Declaration of disability, protection measures, accountability and removal of guardians, legal authorization for the sale of the property of an disabled person.

Procedures with the Civil Register


Registrations, amendments, recognition of filiation.

Demands for
Alimony between Relatives